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back to the community you live in is more than a warm and fuzzy concept. It’s actually one of the ways we can actively participate in the improvement of where we live. How often do we complain of things the way they ‘are’ without offering any solution or even suggestion of how they can ‘be’?

The concept of Service to the community is not new. It’s not even unique. What it is however, is effective. I try and find different ways of being involved and feeling a part of and have found several organizations I regularly volunteer my time.




The thing that’s great about doing this isn’t that I’m a shoe-in for sainthood. It’s not likely that I’ll win any community awards or recognition. I’m not even sure I’m making a karma-investment set to pay off at later date. But, what my experience is – is that it feels good.

I once complained to a friend about having low self-esteem. He replied, we gain self-esteem when we do esteemable things. That made sense to me. I spent much of my life taking without any regard that there has to be a balance of people who are willing to give in order for me to continue to receive. At some point, regardless of circumstances or conditions, each of us will be called to help where we can. I hope if and when the situation presents itself, you find yourself saying “yes”.