Cheap Truck
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It’s Monday and everyone here is eatin up a storm. Some nice folks brought in some Boudan (pronounced Boo Dah) I think. The ladies just laughed and lauged because I said “Bow Dan” and my co worker said thanks for the “Bee Day”. Neither of which is correct.

It’s a sausage of pork and rice in a casing and it’s very garlicky and very delicious. The ladies were very nice and have been through a tough time because their parents tombs have been washed away and so they are distraught that their family plot is not there any longer.

The picture above is a truck, one of many vehicles, left on the side of the road. This one at least had a humurous sign which said “no warranty”.

I hope you are all well. I spoke with many folks from Sacramento this week who indicated that the RCRU conference went well. And, my Mother’s surgery went well too. She’s resting at home and that makes me happy.. that she’s better!