Watching the final debate this evening. I’m not seeing anything new. Well, maybe “Joe the Plumber” is new.

I think anyone who hasn’t made up their mind by now, is either brain dead or just fibbing.

As far as I’m concerned, let’s just hold the election now and be done with it. It can’t be my imagination that this is the longest election of all time. It’s like Christmas shopping. It’s starting earlier, earlier and earlier.

I don’t think we’re benefiting from this point. It seems like it’s just negative because there is no point in trying to outlay any new ideas this late in the cycle.

So, I’m tuning out. I have enough information to make a decision. So, if you’re one those people who says “oh, I just won’t know until I step into the booth” – God bless ya. I’m thinking what more information might you need??

I took this picture today because I was amazed that gas has finally come down some. I swear just 2 – 3 weeks ago it was like $1 more than this a gallon! How does that happen?

I hope you’re doing well. I’ve hit one of those plateaus in my weight loss. The needle hasn’t moved lately but I’m doing alright. Let me know how you’re doing!