We had a great visit from our friend Kev and his compadres. We tooled around, and saw stuff. We ate tons, or as much as one can eat banded anyway. And, we danced, danced, danced. I had a great time and I’m sure everyone else did too. We tried some places I hadn’t yet, like Milaga’s a tapas restaurant where the meatballs were the best. Although that place was seriously loud. So great place to eat, but not necessarily the best for conversation.


I put together this video from the trip so we could see some fun pictures from a great weekend. We made it to the Oasis. That’s the place that looks out over lake Travis and Mom and Rocki when they came to visit really loved that place.

We had a small problem with the jeep the boys were driving, but after one tow truck call and a crammed backseat back to town, we were back in vacation mode again! We did have that small problem Saturday night with the Valet stand that closed before we retrieved the car resulting in.. no car! But my new friends from California put me up in their hotel so I didn’t have to walk from Downtown to North Austin. Quite a hike!

We sure enjoyed the Spider House and hanging out until the time for their departure came. Which was sorta sad, because I wanted the weekend to go on and on. But, I’m sure they’ll come back to visit again. There’s plenty of reasons, there’s so much to see and do – and believe it or not, we never made it to 6th street all weekend. Can’t believe it!

Through all that dancing and only attempted eating, I had another great weight-loss-weekend, tipping the scale this morning at a total weight loss thus far of 60 pounds. Wow.

I hope you’re all doing well and I look forward to seeing you all. Soon.